Dallas Deuces Lacrosse

2023 Dallas Deuces Spring Team Registration


1st-4th Grade Bantam Eligibility

We are going to try to go in house for 3rd-4th grade this season like we did last year and have been doing with our 1st/2nd graders.  All of your games will be at Jesuit and we will do a small playoff at the end of the season.  Please spread the word to your friends in the small area private schools that do not normally meet our eligibility like Wesley Prep, Lamplighter, etc.  If for some reason that we can not make in house work at 3rd/4th grade I would refund everyone in full that did not meet our eligibility to play within the league that is listed below.  

DFWL Lacrosse Eligibility For 5th-8th Graders

The Deuces was formed as a Parochial School feeder lacrosse program for Jesuit College Preparatory School.  The Deuces were admitted to the DFWLL under the following eligibility rules:  Notwithstanding the eligibility rules, students at a DPL School (i.e. all of the Catholic Schools in the area), Good Shepherd Episcopal School (11110 Midway Rd, Dallas), St. John’s Episcopal (848 Harter Rd), and the Cistercian School (3660 Cistercian Rd), or those lacrosse players who are siblings of current Deuces players or Jesuit students, have the option of playing for the Deuces.  Otherwise, current eligibility rules apply.

If you have any questions regarding whether you can play for the Deuces or not, please email Tiffany Surran prior to registration. 

Optional Jesuit Items

If you register by November 15th 2022 and order a Jesuit hat or sweatpack it will be available for Christmas pickup at TeamLax.  

Optional Jesuit Lacrosse Ball Cap

Commemorating all 4 state championships.

Optional Jesuit Spirit Pack

The Jesuit spirit packs are going to be state championship packs to commemorate the 2016, 2017, 2021 and 2022 Jesuit Lacrosse State Championships  If you have any questions on sizing of these items please visit Team Lax Address: 9201 Warren Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75035 Phone: (469) 362-8529

Deuces Uniform

The Deuces uniform is the same as last season spring 2022.  You do not have to purchase it if you have this uniform if it still fits.  This is your only opportunity to purchase the uniform if you are new or need pieces.  


Please direct questions to:

Tiffany Surran

Phone: 214-392-8919